Progress Update: October 30, 2017

The National Accreta Foundation is an Arkansas non-profit corporation in good standing. The foundation was incorporated on April 4, 2017, and received its IRS determination letter of 501(c)(3) status in August 2017. The board of directors is comprised of three officers and is, at present, an all-volunteer organization with no paid operations staff. Our fiscal year ends December 31.

Expenses-to-date (April-October, 2017)

As of October 30, 2017, the cost of running the National Accreta Foundation has been $3220. The majority of expenditures were related to start-up costs, such as filing fees, domain name registration, web hosting, and costs associated with Advocacy & Awareness (see below).


Expenses-to-Date Plus Estimated Expenses through February 28, 2018 (Includes One-state Pilot Program)

Our total estimated expenses both incurred and needed to operate (on a volunteer basis) through February 28, 2017, are $13080. 

Expenses are divided into four separate buckets consistent with the execution of our mission: Data & Measurement, Regional Outreach & Solutions, Advocacy & Awareness and operational expenses. While planning, researching and building partnerships with organizations and universities, plus managing day-to-day business on a volunteer basis, we seized multiple opportunities to raise awareness and advocate for the patient populations we represent. 

Co-founders Jill Arnold and Kristen Terlizzi attended the annual CDC-ACOG Maternal Mortality Meeting in May. They received feedback from established obstetric patient safety advocacy organizations as well as leading experts on patient safety in women's health care.

The next important meeting for our foundation was the Patient Safety Movement Foundation's Annual Mid-Year Planning Meeting in Fairfax, Virginia, with the goal of adding C-sections to the organization's Actionable Patient Safety Solutions and it worked! Jill Arnold pitched safe reduction of C-sections with use of balancing measures to a workgroup of approximately 200 people and it was voted one of the new APSS. Both Jill and Kristen were invited to join the OB Workgroup and are actively working on development of the C-section APSS. In addition, Kristen's patient story will be featured at the PSM Summit in London, England in February 2018.

Media coverage on the foundation and co-founders Kristen Terlizzi and Jill Arnold includes articles and videos on,, NPR/ProPublica, The Guardian, POPSUGAR Moms, Jill Arnold designed and populated the web site, which launched mid-June and published two articles on cesarean rates in July. Jill runs the foundation's social media accounts and the organization's tweets through October 20 have garnered 296,500 impressions. In August, our organization partnered with the Institute on Perinatal Quality Improvement and the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine on a campaign to promote the POST-BIRTH acronym. Newly published Data Dashboards show the newest data from CDC on method of delivery displayed by state.

We tasked ourselves with helping established organizations and agencies in creating multi-stakeholder agendas and strategies for the prevention, measurement and safe management of placenta accreta. The team is working with several organizations on prevention, but safe management will be a large undertaking later. Fortunately, several MFMs and OB anesthesiologists from all over the country contacted us to hear what we had planned before we even had the chance to reach out to them! Both prevention and management need to be measured well and we're proud to announce that the foundation was accepted in October as a member of the National Quality Forum.

While Jill worked on the ground in Arkansas attending meetings and gathering the data and resources and forming partnerships needed to roll-out our first pilot program, Kristen dedicated spring and summer to preparing presentations and speaking to medical and health care audiences and was named Co-Chair of the "Elevate the Value Case" Workgroup of the Patient Experience Policy Forum (in partnership with The Beryl Institute).

  • Keynote Speaker, "The Power of Patient Storytelling in Understanding the Patient Experience," The Beryl Institute Regional Roundtable Event, Palo Alto, September 28, 2017
  • “The Million Dollar Cesarean and the Power of Patient Storytelling,” Stanford Medicine X, ePatient Ignite, Stanford Health Care, September 15-17, 2017
  • “OBGYN 282 Guest Lecturer: Placenta Accreta and the Patient Experience of High Risk Obstetrics,” Stanford University School of Medicine, May 2017.
  • “The Power of Patient Storytelling to Engage and Promote Empathy in Medical Education,” Stanford Medicine X|ED, Engagement, Learning & Design Track, Stanford Health Care, April 2017

The relevant events we have attended this year are included for easy reference on our Past Events page.


Upcoming Regional Outreach and Solutions: Arkansas QI Outreach Pilot

The first of a series of low-cost, high-value turnkey solutions will be piloted in the state of Arkansas in partnership with a large organization (TBA). Our two-pronged approach 1) supports nurses in all birthing hospitals in the state with information and equipment needed to support laboring patients and reduce the rate of preventable cesareans and 2) procures and analyzes the best available data to produce actionable reports for state leaders in obstetrics, public health and policy. This low-burden solution can be scaled with minimal customization and at a low cost for implementation in other states. Priority states include those with the highest repeat cesarean rates. This timing of this pilot and implementation in other regions are dependent upon fundraising.


Upcoming Meetings, Events and Advocacy and Awareness Opportunities:

Mississippi State Perinatal Quality Collaborative Annual State Meeting, November 3, 2017

National Network of Perinatal Quality Collaboratives Annual Meeting, November 28, 2017

SMFM Course: Telemedicine for Maternal Fetal Medicine, December 2-3, 2017

National Health Care Ratings Summit, December 6-7, 2017

Implementing Perinatal Quality Improvement Conference, February 1, 2018

Patient Safety Movement Summit, February 23-25, 2018

National Quality Forum Annual Meeting, March 12-13, 2018


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