Kristen Terlizzi


Kristen Terlizzi is a speaker and advocate for maternal health and patient safety based out of Silicon Valley, California.  Over her two month postpartum hospital stay for complications of placenta percreta, Kristen learned firsthand how to cope with an unknown prognosis and to partner with her care team.  Kristen now uses her experience to share her patient story and educate audiences on abnormal placentation.  She discusses the risks surrounding an accreta delivery as well as the significant medical expertise, coordination and costs incurred. 

Kristen is passionate about patient storytelling and bringing attention to efforts to safely reduce cesarean birth rates, placenta accreta and the patient experience of high risk obstetrics.   She has spoken at events for medical students, hospital leadership, perinatal quality collaboratives, medical conferences and blood banks. 

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CONGRATULATIONS to National Accreta Foundation Co-Founder Kristen Terlizzi for winning Patients' View Institute's 2017 Impact Award!

PVI's Impact Award honors a patient story that has a positive impact on healthcare. See Kristen's acceptance speech on NAF's Facebook page and read about her story's impact on PVI's blog.



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Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) for C-Sections

Current Member of the Optimizing Obstetric Safety Work Group, Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Patient Experience Policy Forum (in partnership with The Beryl Institute)

Current Co-Chair of the "Elevate the Value Case" Work Group

Engaging Consumers to Reduce Unnecessary C-Sections

California Health Care Foundation in partnership with CMQCC and Consumer Reports, March 2017

Blood Products - Patient Transfusion Experience

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Post Operative Pain Management Research Initiative

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