Placenta Accreta Patient & Family Resources


National Accreta Foundation helps connect placenta accreta, increta and percreta patients & families with resources and content of value to help navigate an accreta experience:


National Accreta Foundation’s accreta patient faq

What do accreta patients need to know? National Accreta Foundation produced this patient facing FAQ based on the latest literature and evidence based care recommendations for women with placenta accreta.



In our “Accreta Experiences” series, National Accreta Foundation features articles written by survivors in their own words sharing their placenta accreta experiences and learnings. Read the stories, tips and tricks of those who have been through accreta and have advice to share.

Placenta Accreta Support Groups

Placenta Accreta Support Groups

Are you looking for emotional or informational support? Accreta patients, families and survivors are not alone. National Accreta Foundation helps connect the accreta community through several closed group support systems.


how to prepare for your placenta accreta delivery

From what to pack in your hospital bag to suggested topics for pre-delivery discussion with your family and support network, National Accreta Foundation co-founder Kristen Terlizzi passes on tips from her two month postpartum hospital stay.



Patient stories are a critical tool in building a community and making change. National Accreta Foundation receives requests by media, researchers and other organizations for patient stories, speakers, and representation. If you’re interested in opportunities to use your placenta accreta, increta or percreta story to improve maternal health, add your story to our bank here.


Spread the word

Get involved in Accreta Awareness Month every October and share our accreta page which explains what placenta accreta is, the risk factors, and increasing rates.



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HOST A BLOOD DRIVE and Encourage Blood Donation

90% of placenta accreta mothers require blood transfusion, and 40% need more than 10 units of donor blood. Donate blood or host a blood drive to help ensure the next accreta mom has access to the blood products that may be needed for her care.



National Accreta Foundation has worked with numerous media outlets to bring attention to placenta accreta, cesarean overuse, and United States maternal mortality and morbidity. Read our stories and share these articles to help others learn about accreta.



National Accreta Foundation attends and speaks at events to improve maternal health. Come join us!


MoMMA’s Voices

National Accreta Foundation is proud to be an inaugural member on the Executive Council of MoMMA’s Voices, a coalition of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Advocates working together to improve United States maternal health. We recommend joining as an individual (it’s free!), attending the annual Champions for Change Summit, and submitting your story on their site.


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