Kristen Terlizzi


Kristen Terlizzi is a maternal health and patient safety advocate based out of Silicon Valley, California. In 2014, Kristen spent two months postpartum in the hospital due to complications of placenta accreta, a life threatening pregnancy complication requiring attentive multidisciplinary care. Kristen now shares her patient story to elevate the patient voice surrounding United States maternal mortality and morbidity. She is passionate about utilizing patient storytelling as a tool to increase engagement in maternal health quality improvement, and she actively brings attention to efforts to safely reduce cesarean birth rates, placenta accreta and the patient experience of high risk obstetrics. Kristen’s medical case report is published in the official journal of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and her patient story has been featured in numerous media outlets. Kristen has been quoted as an influential patient voice in the movement to improve United States maternal health; she speaks at events to empower women and healthcare providers to keep moms safe. 

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MEDIA - Kristen's Story

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Kristen Terlizzi was named a 2018 Patient Advocate for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, a powerful video on her accreta story and advocacy work was showcased at the 2018 World Patient Safety Summit in London. Kristen also participated in a panel discussion on reducing unnecessary cesareans at the event.


Kristen Terlizzi was the 2017 recipient of the Patients' View Institute Impact Award, which honors a patient story that has a positive and widespread impact on healthcare.



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MoMMA’s Voices

Represents NAF as an inaugural member serving on the Executive Steering Committee of MoMMA’s Voices, a coalition of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Advocates

Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) for C-Sections

Current Member of the Optimizing Obstetric Safety Work Group, Patient Safety Movement Foundation

My Birth Matters” Campaign - Engaging Consumers to Reduce Unnecessary C-Sections

Patient Advisor Stakeholder, California Health Care Foundation in partnership with CMQCC and Consumer Reports

Blood Products - Patient Transfusion Experience

Patient Advisor, Center for Advancing Patient Safety (CAPS), Stanford Health Care, November 2016

Post Operative Pain Management Research Initiative

Patient Advisor, Stanford Health Care, January 2016