Placenta Accreta Support


Are you looking for emotional or informational support? Accreta patients, families and survivors are not alone. National Accreta Foundation helps connect placenta accreta patients & families through a closed group support system in several online communities:

placenta accreta support group

Placenta Accreta, Increta & Percreta worldwide

A support group for all patients, families and survivors across the globe impacted by any form of placenta accreta.

hysterectomy after childbirth support group

Hysterectomy due to Childbirth

A support group for mothers who required a hysterectomy to survive placenta accreta.

pregnancy after placenta accreta support group

Pregnancy after PLACENTA Accreta

A support group for survivors of placenta accreta who are currently pregnant or are trying to conceive.

placenta accreta mental health support group


A safe place for survivors of placenta accreta who may be affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to support one another.

placenta accreta pregnancy loss support group

Infant and pregnancy loss After Accreta

A support group for mothers who have faced the unique challenge of experiencing placenta accreta and the loss of their baby.


Other Groups

There are many location and special interest specific accreta support groups on Facebook. These smaller communities exist independently and are used to seek local expertise, share local experiences, create experience specific communities, visit moms in nearby hospitals, host blood drives, and more. You may find these groups on Facebook by searching groups for “accreta.”


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