Accreta Awareness Month


What is it?

  • October is Accreta Awareness Month (AAM) and focuses attention on placenta accreta, one of the fastest growing life-threatening complications of pregnancy.

  • Accreta Awareness Month encourages patients, survivors, medical professionals and public health advocates to spread the word about increased rates and risk factors associated with placenta accreta, including cesarean overuse.

  • April is recognized every year as Cesarean Awareness Month and National Accreta Foundation will continue to support that designation too.


Things You Can Do for Accreta Awareness Month:

  1. We have a free campaign toolkit and materials prepared by NAF that you can use during the month - it includes Facebook profile photo frames, Facebook and Twitter cover photos, and sample social media posts across all platforms.

  2. Become a social media champion. Share NAF’s posts throughout the month and create your own. Tag National Accreta Foundation in your posts and use the campaign hashtags #1in272 and #AccretaAwareness

  3. Think about how you would like to share AAM with your family, friends, in your local newspaper, neighborhood newsletters, or on a blog.

  4. Get involved locally at your hospital. NAF has an accreta awareness kit, sponsor one to be sent to your hospital and include information about your local support group if one exists in your area.

  5. Submit your accreta story to NAF’s story bank and consider writing an Accreta Experience article to share with your community. Also, consider submitting your story to ICAN.

  6. Buy a shirt in our online store and wear it proudly. Check out the new shirt designs we launched as part of AAM, take a selfie wearing your gear and share!

  7. Share NAF’s website with friends and on social media, and help others to understand what placenta accreta is and that rates are on the rise. Consider creating a Facebook fundraiser in honor of AAM or participating in other ways to help the cause.

  8. Opt in to receive our newsletter and forward the next one to friends and family.

  9. Register to attend the Champions for Change event in October.

  10. Support the NAF SleevesUp campaign and pledge to give blood or plan a blood drive in the month of October. Learn more about blood donation and use our blood drive toolkit to get started. Be sure to tell us when your blood drive is scheduled!

  11. Speak at your local ICAN chapter meeting in October to share your story. ICAN is looking for accreta survivors to speak at meetings around the world. Reach out to your local chapter and offer to attend and speak at a meeting.

  12. If located in the United States, reach out to your state’s Perinatal Quality Collaborative to share your story, offer to speak at a meeting/webinar, and send them the upcoming AAM campaign materials.

    your support can help make this the most successful #accretaawareness month ever


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