Accreta Awareness Month

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  • October is Accreta Awareness Month (AAM) and focuses attention on placenta accreta, one of the fastest growing life-threatening complications of pregnancy.

  • Accreta Awareness Month encourages patients, survivors, medical professionals and public health advocates to spread the word about increased rates and risk factors associated with placenta accreta, including cesarean overuse.

  • Use these campaign materials to help you celebrate Accreta Awareness Month with your family and friends, at your hospital, within your community, and more. Download the social media toolkit full of images below and post them to your social media accounts with a call to action. Don’t stop there - check out the list of things you can do to spread the word about AAM.

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Key Messages

  • Placenta accreta is a pregnancy condition in which the placenta attaches too deeply into the wall of the uterus.

  • Placenta accreta puts the mother at risk of severe blood loss, preterm birth, hysterectomy, and other complications.

  • Due mostly to increased cesarean rates, the estimated incidence of accreta has quadrupled since the 1980s and affects as many as 1 in 272 births.

  • The risk for developing placenta accreta increases with each c-section or uterine surgery.

  • Additional risk factors for developing placenta accreta include the presence of placenta previa, advanced maternal age, multiparity, and curettage.

  • As many as 90% of patients with placenta accreta require blood transfusion, and 40% require more than 10 units of packed red blood cells.


Facebook Profile Photo Frames

#AccretaAwareness Facebook profile photo frames can be found within the Facebook app and website. Go to your profile on Facebook, tap "Edit" on your profile picture, tap "Add Frame," and search for “accreta.” There are survivor and support frames for friends and family, as well as a generic #AccretaAwareness design, encourage your network to help join the cause!


Social Media Toolkits

The social media toolkits includes pre-made sample AAM social media posts, like the ones seen below. The toolkits includes images that are tailored for each platform and ready to upload to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. Be sure to tag National Accreta Foundation on your posts and use our campaign hashtags: #AccretaAwareness and #1in272

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Accreta Awareness Kit

Get involved locally at your hospital. Sponsor and order an accreta awareness kit of 25 NAF rack cards, 5 buttons and 2 lip balms to send to your hospital. We can send directly to your hospital or to you so you can hand deliver, either way the kit will include a letter crediting you for making it happen.

Accreta Awareness Kit
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Accreta Awareness SHIRTS

Buy a shirt in our online store and wear it proudly. Take a selfie wearing your gear and tell the world how you’re #AccretaStrong. We are offering a large variety of styles and sizes now for pre-order, so snag yours today! After pre-order we will only have a stock of limited options.

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THANK YOU for your help to make this the best #AccretaAwareness month ever.

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