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“Accreta Experiences” is a National Accreta Foundation produced series where survivors or family members write articles sharing their placenta accreta experiences and learnings in their own words. The intention of the series is to provide stories, advice and insight to help those new to the accreta community, whether that be pregnant moms who are newly diagnosed, or those who are hearing the word accreta for the first time after a traumatic delivery. Check out our two example articles at the bottom of this page. We would love for you to consider adding your perspective and story to our series.



Those looking to understand the patient experiences of accreta. Accreta moms are the largest portion of your audience as well as their friends and family members looking for advice on how to support an accreta mom and family. Stories are a critical tool in both building a community and in making change. In addition to our survivor community, we also reach a large network of accreta providers, journalists, researchers and organizations interested in advancing public health. Our “Accreta Experiences” articles have been largely popular and some of the most visited content on our site.

Any Guidelines?

The intention of the series is to provide a resource for future moms, so we recommend aiming for your article to be about 30% your story, 70% advice, insights, learnings and tips & tricks to pass on. Think about what you wish you had known during your accreta experience, or what you would have found comforting and reassuring. Consider what went differently than you expected during your experience and how you adapted. Think about how you’ve moved on since accreta. How is your life different now and how has this experience changed you. What would have helped you during that transition?


We are 100% here to help bounce around ideas and help you find your themes. The articles should be unique and personal, just like every accreta mom’s story is. Don’t worry if you feel like you have a different story to tell than the articles we’ve already shared - in fact that’s even better. We want this article series to represent a variety of accreta experiences.


Take a stab at it, and send us a draft. We are happy to give you feedback and help you shape your article. Google docs is a great way to share documents, but really we can use whatever format you are most comfortable with.

Some Details:

  • We’ve found that around 1,000 words tends to be the sweet spot for length and is a great guideline to shoot for.

  • After writing your piece think about suggesting a tagline for the theme. Megan’s was "Planning for you physical and emotional recovery;" Morgan's was "Discovering your strength after accreta."

  • Prepare a short ~2-3 sentence bio for the end of our article, see examples for a model.

  • Photos are a wonderful way to connect your audience to your experience, so think about which ones would go well with your story, as well as one for your bio. We recommend a few from during the time of your pregnancy and recovery and a few after & now shots. We can make any image work, but landscape / horizontal photos tend to work best in text layouts.

  • We ask you to help us keep the series focused on sharing accreta experiences within a welcoming community. Please refrain from including comments that could be perceived as polarizing, NAF reserves the right to edit articles once published.

  • Our previous authors have found it to be a very rewarding and positive experience to be part of our series. Know that we will never publish anything without your final blessing. We will support you as you write your article and we’ll create a mock up page for you to review before your article goes live and is linked to the site.


Thank you for being part of this important project - we couldn’t do it without you


Example articles:



“Accreta Experiences” is a National Accreta Foundation produced series where accreta survivors write articles sharing their placenta accreta experiences and learnings in their own words to help those new to the accreta community. The first article in our series is written by percreta survivor Megan Moody, read what she has to say about how to plan for your physical and emotional recovery.



In the second installment of our "Accreta Experiences" series, placenta percreta survivor Morgan Teal shares how the compassionate care she received during her pregnancy helped her to realize her own resilience and inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a physician herself. Read Morgan’s insights into how to discover your strength and move forward after accreta.


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