Blood Donation


Placenta accreta puts a mother at risk of severe blood loss and other complications. 90% of placenta accreta mothers require a blood transfusion and 40% need more than 10 units of donor blood.

Donate blood or host a blood drive to help ensure the next accreta mom has access to the blood products that may be needed for her care.


Donate Blood

The incidence of placenta accreta pregnancies is rising so it’s important that blood banks are stocked in case an accreta mom is in need. Contact your local blood bank and find out if you are eligible to donate blood. AABB has a blood bank locator. Hospitals that are trauma centers may have in-house blood banks.

Pledge to give blood in October for Accreta Awareness Month!



Hosting a blood drive, especially during Accreta Awareness Month, is a great way to increase awareness of accreta and the need for blood. It’s also a great avenue for accreta moms and families to share their stories. Check out the blood drive toolkit for tips on how to host a blood drive and be sure to let us know when you have one scheduled so we can help get the word out!


Learn More about Accreta

Find out more about placenta accreta and what you can do to help.


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