what can i do IN MY COMMUNITY?

Placenta Accreta Survivors Maternal Health Advocate

Many placenta accreta survivors get involved in their community to spread the word about accreta, bring awareness to the cause, and to help improve maternal health. Here are some examples of how accreta survivors have used their experience to advocate locally:

Placenta Accreta Survivors Accreta Awareness Kits

Spread the word

As part of Accreta Awareness Month, Colorado accreta survivors Kate, Manda and Tine used our accreta awareness kits as a starting point to make Halloween care packages that they hand delivered to local hospitals.

The kits brought awareness to accreta and cesarean overuse to the obstetricians, nurses and other providers on the units as well as connected accreta moms to National Accreta Foundation patient resources, including Colorado’s accreta support group.

Placent Accreta Survivor Testifies for Legislative Action


Accreta survivor Molly used her accreta experience and story to testify in the House and Senate Health Care Committees on legislation to extend and expand the maternal mortality review panel in Wahington State, and to ensure that the consume voice was represented. Thanks in part to Molly's testimony, SB 5425 passed and Molly was happy to attend the bill’s signing. 

Molly didn’t stop there, she also participated as a patient stakeholder in a meeting of her state’s Perinatal Quality Collaborative (PQC) and a stakeholder workgroup as part of Washington’s involvement in The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM).


be a social media champion

You don’t have to wait until Accreta Awareness Month to use our campaign toolkit to bring awareness to your network via social media. The toolkit is full of premade images and sample text you can post on your accounts across all platforms throughout the year. Tell your story as part of a Facebook fundraiser to help bring attention to the cause and provide an opportunity for your network to support you in making change to #preventaccreta. Help us grow our social media following - make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn and encourage your friends and family to do the same.



Patient stories are a critical tool in building a community and making change. National Accreta Foundation receives requests by media, researchers and other organizations for patient stories, speakers, and representation. If you’re interested in opportunities to use your placenta accreta, increta or percreta story to improve maternal health, add your story to our bank here.



Visit our store to purchase NAF gear and show your commitment to #preventaccreta. Send us a picture of you in your NAF shirt and tell us about the conversations you’re starting and the awareness you bring to accreta!



90% of placenta accreta mothers require blood transfusion, and 40% need more than 10 units of donor blood. Donate blood or host a blood drive to help ensure the next accreta mom has access to the blood products that may be needed for her care.


Are you making change in your community?

Did you donate blood? Speak at a local event? Visit moms at your delivery hospital? Tell us about what you’re doing for the cause! We’d love to hear about it and feature your work on our social media channels. Send us a note and photo at advocate@preventaccreta.org or via our contact form.


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